Jared Kushner as Buster Keaton

From “The Surreal, Eternal Silence of Jared Kushner” by Naomi Fry (The New Yorker)

“In an Administration whose doings often take on the aspect of a horror movie, the incident was a welcome moment of pure slapstick, with Kushner in the role of the hapless Buster Keaton, his body awkwardly and hilariously thwarted by the physical environment around him. The pairing of the tall, slight Kushner and his stockier, squatter companion put me in mind of a vaudeville act. As I watched, then rewatched, the video, I almost expected to see a Steinway upright fall suddenly on Kushner, right then and there, a few paces west of the White House. But, as is often the case with silent-film physical comedy, there was also a hint of the dreamily surreal in Kushner’s predicament—something of a hushed, out-of-time, almost avant-garde quality.”

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