The Absurdity of Get Him To The Greek- Taylor Holliday

In his article on “The Absurd”, Thomas Nagel discusses how most people, at some point, feel that life is absurd. How we all live our lives making choices that show how serious we take certain things to be, and how much effort and energy that we are going to put into them. In this same note he talks about how we all take ourselves seriously even if we aren’t necessarily serious people.  It also talks about how when we take another person as being serious and devote ourselves to them, this leads to a problem [1]. I believe that this can be portrayed in the movie Get Him To The Greek (Nicholas Stoller, 2010).


In this film Aldous Snow is a British rock star and Aaron Green is an intern at Pinnacle Record Company, who has been tasked with getting Snow from London to LA, with a stop in Manhattan, in in just a few days, so that he can play a 10 year anniversary show at The Greek Theatre. Now Snow takes himself quite seriously, but we can see that he one of the least serious people in this film.

Now Green, being a massive fan of Snows takes him incredibly seriously, which leads to him not really putting his foot down and ending up in quite a few “absurd” predicaments. The clip below shows a scene in which Green has just been sexually assaulted by a stripped named Destiny and Snow gives him a “Jeffrey” to calm down; which ends up being filled with a “drug Neapolitan”, as Snow calls it. Green believes that he is having a heart attack, when in actuality it’s just a bad trip. I believe that this shows how when you take a third party seriously this can lead to oneself being put in a situation that to themselves seems absurd, but to the third party is seen as being normal and serious.

[1]: Nagel, Thomas. “The Absurd” in The Journal of Philosophy Vol. 68 No. 20. United States: Journal of Philosophy Inc, 1971 pp. 719-720.

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