How Tina Fey used SNL to spread the Truth- Taylor Holliday

“Jokes were a superior way to tell the truth- that meant freedom for everyone”. [1] In her New Yorker article, “How Jokes Won The Election”, Emily Nussbaum uses this phrase when talking about how comedy allows for people to see the truth. It was how information was able to spread and how people were able to find out about the people they decided to vote for. She then goes on to talk about how by 2016, jokes had allowed for Trump to gain an audience the size of the United States. But rather than just telling jokes for entertainment purposes, he was telling jokes about the state of our nation and the people that were part of it. The United States had given our most prominent platform to someone, that she says, belongs in the late 1980s, as well as his jokes.

Due to many of them being quite racist, homophobic, and/or degrading to women, the only way to fight fire, is with fire itself. I think that a great example of this is when Tina Fey went onto SNL’s Weekend Update after the events of Charlottesville in August of 2017. Fey enters as someone who attended The University of Virginia, located in Charlottesville. She goes on to discuss the events that took place, while also infusing humor into it. Fey walks the fine line between being funny and being sensitive, while simultaneously getting this information out to the people. She uses humor to draw them in, very much as Trump did during his campaign; except, Fey is using her platform to spread the truth to the American people. She talks about the rallies going on, while stopping every now and then to add a joke or two, in order to draw people in. She is bringing people close to a sensitive situation due to humor, and she is able to get the truth out to a much larger audience, than if she had held a rally of her own and spoke at it. Jokes are a way to spread the truth to the people, by allowing them to get close and relate to a topic, while also understanding the entirety of the situation at hand.



[1]: Emily Nussbaum, “How Jokes Won the Election” The New Yorker (23/1/2017):

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